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Dixie Rose

Dixie Rose is a modern-day Loretta Lynn struggling in the backwoods of Tennessee with her two small children. The family lives in a three-room shack without plumbing, electricity, phone or modern convenience of any kind. Dixie, a prolific singer/songwriter, has cultivated a cult following with die-hard enthusiasts in Nashville who like their country music pure, simple and old-fashioned. On any Saturday night you can find Dixie on stage at the world famous Tootsie's, clad in her hand-me-down dresses wailing out a mournful tune and strumming on an ancient guitar.

The saga of Dixie Rose takes a bizarre and fascinating twist when the filmmakers return with Dixie to her hometown in Mississippi. This simple story evolves into a tragic tale of abuse, psychosis, and woman's journey into darkness.

Dixie Rose has been described as a hybrid of Loretta Lynn, Blanche Dubois, and Sybil.

The film "Dixie Rose" won Best Documentary at Telluride IndieFest and Best Director for Documentary at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

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Additional Notes and Recognition:

» Requested as a tool for staff development and training purposes by the San Francisco
   Court Appointed Special Advocates Program
» Winner "Best Director for Documentary," New York International Independent Film
   and Video Festival
» A Featured Documentary on a special Jenny Jones Television Show

Photos from the production:


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